Timothy Halloran is a Gemini from the North East USA Timothy Halloran refers to himself as a “mail-delivery man” and has been offering evolutionary astrological consultations full-time since 2012. Timothy teaches, lectures and writes on astrology regularly and is best known his video content and lunar forecasts at his youtube channel: http://youtube.com/rasalilahealing. You can learn more about Timothy and his work at his website: http://rasalilahealing.com.

Timothy will be presenting the following workshops at the Astrology Rising 2020 Conference:

The Moon, Evolution & You

What does your Moon say about you? The Moon is one of the most personally relatable parts of our own birth chart indicating our self-image and emotional-core. Rotating around the Earth faster then any other planet from a geocentric perspective, the Moon reflects the information she receives from the Sun & the rest of the solar-system down to us through our emotions, personal lives and experiences. In this demonstration we will explore how to tune into these lunar rhythms and cycles so to receive the solar-systems updates both personally and with objective understanding so to be able to benefit the most of every opportunity we have to learn, grow and evolve throughout our lives. Additionally we will discuss the nature of our own personal natal moon and tips on embracing, honoring and communicating our own core emotional needs.

Shadow Work – The Art of Personal Transformation

‘The Shadow’, commonly referred to as the ‘unconscious’ part of the human psyche is correlated to the zodiac sign of Scorpio and the planet of the underworld, Pluto. The unconscious, that most mysterious and vast “majority of the iceberg beneath the water” containing more information, more wisdom, more potential to catalyze change then any human being can handle consciously knowing is all stored beyond the “trap-door of the soul”. This talk is about how to approach and open that trap door; How to process and receive the subtle information from the unconscious-field that allows for transformation so powerful it will baffle and amaze any logical mind. The discussion of this broad subject matter will include topics on: • Keys to unlocking the power of the soul • Tips to approaching unconscious dynamics • How to avoid spiritual bypassing, projection or denial • How to tune into and speak the language of the unconscious.

Pisces, Neptune & Divine Dance

The essence of life itself is said to be at the core of the most enigmatic final sign of the zodiac, Pisces, and the oceanic planet Neptune. Being the ultimate riddle, the greatest illusion, the most profound beauty, it is said that such an essence cannot be comprehended, and yet it can, and it is as though the closer we get to touching it the further it drifts away, yet if we don’t reach out it drifts further still. The contradiction, the impossible becoming possible, the unborn becoming finished, takes place in the most ethereal dimensions of spirit and imagination. Tuning into this realm beyond time and form we find ourselves already part and parcel of the Great Divine Dance of life. Being in this inconceivable rhythm and flow we inevitably unfold into the upmost mastery of surrender, divine trust, opening to that which is greater then just ourselves and finding the whole of existence to be built out of the fabric of eternal love and magic. In this talk we will experience where life becomes music and poetry and will be delivered respectfully so and potentially including music, symbolic imagery or guided meditation depending on how things unfold…