Timothy Halloran is a Gemini from the North East USA Timothy Halloran refers to himself as a “mail-delivery man” and has been offering evolutionary astrological consultations full-time since 2012. Timothy teaches, lectures and writes on astrology regularly and is best known his video content and lunar forecasts at his youtube channel: http://youtube.com/rasalilahealing
You can learn more about Timothy and his work at his website: http://rasalilahealing.com

Timothy will be presenting the following workshops at the Astrology Rising 2020 Conference:

The Moon & Lunar Nodes – The Development of the Soul Through Direct Experience

The Moon in astrology is our own personal reference-point; Where personal emotional feedback allows for us to evolve and grow through processing and reflecting upon our first-hand experiences of life. Through observing the transits of the Moon, (which is the fastest moving celestial object from our position on Earth) we gain the potential to evolve and grow very quickly by seeing how our personal experiences reflect the collective dynamics and intentions of the times as well as the intentions of our soul reflected in our own natal chart. The positioning of the Moon’s nodes as well as how planets form aspects to the Moon’s nodes is one of the most revealing and powerful indicators used in astrological interpretation accross the board of many branches of astrology. In this presentation you will be shown some of the most amazingly simple and yet potently revealing techniques for tuning into the astrology of the Moon and lunar nodes to learn about astrology through direct personal experience.

Pluto – Shadow Work: The Art of Personal Transformation

Pluto is the catylyst of evolution in our solar-system and personal experience of life. When we go through times of great Pluto influence we evolve and transform very intensely and in a short amount of time. Discovered just one century ago Pluto has only moved through roughly one half-cycle in the time he has been consciously known to us on Earth; An indication of how humanity is still just beginning to understand the depths of the unconscious, how great of an effect the unconscious weighs in our lives, and how the purpose of our full-spectrum experiences here on Earth serves our evolutionary development. Join Timothy in exploring a ‘No Bullshit’ approach to shadow-work as a means to defend one’s self from the toxicity of spiritual bypassing and as an initiation into the soul’s potential to show up in the world as a powerful catylyst of inspirational change.

Aquarius Now

What is the new age really? How will our world entering into a new paradigm effect our species? What does the future hold? The transition point between ages denotes a complete and total shift of humanities core belief-structures and understanding of life, the universe, how we fit in, and what everything inbetween fundamentally means. Join Timothy in exploring the nature of Aquarius where in the coming year we will live and observe the transits of Jupiter, Saturn and then Pluto from 2023-2044. We will explore the good, the bad, the beautiful and terrifying potentials of humanities growing awareness, power and freedom, and what it means for us to live in the transition out of the Pisces Age.