Cofounder of, founding Trustee of Kepler College, coauthored 8 years of Barnes and Noble’s “Your Astrology Guide“. Levine’s daily horoscopes reach millions of readers online through He is as comfortable writing mass-market Sun Sign Astrology as he is pushing the technical and theoretical envelopes of the profession. His DVD is “Quantum Astrology: Science, Spirit, and Our Place in the Cycles of History“. He is wizard by day, a net-junkie by night, and is rumored to have advanced alien microprocessors imbedded in his cerebral cortex.

Rick will be presenting the following workshops at the Astrology Rising 2020 Convention:

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Uranus (but didn’t know what to ask)

Expect the unexpected, as if that is possible. But Uranus is the planet of the impossible, the improbable and the instantaneous. We know that Uranus brings shock and awe, but why? What does Uranus have to do with Nikola Tesla, alternating currents (AC) and planet waves? How are lightning, the nervous system, electricity and awareness tied into the story? And, of course, how do we interpret Uranus natally, by transit and in synastry?

Experiencing the Spiritual Dimensions of Astrology

We know there is a relationship between the planetary movement and events here on Earth. But how does human life (and all life) conform to the sacred geometry of the cosmos with such amazing reliability and great precision? How does metaphysical morph into physical? How can we use astrology as a spiritual practice to exercise the illusion of free will instead of leaving our future up to the fickle finger of fate?

An Evening of Astrodrama: Acting out Kaypacha’s Natal Chart

Astrology is often considered an intellectual study and is often practiced in the throat chakra and up. Experiential astrology techniques are used to deepen the personal experience rather than leaving it in the realms of analysis. One of the most inspiring experiential astrology techniques is astrodrama, where a natal chart comes to life as people take on the role of various planets in someone’s chart and have real-time interactions. We will set up a large chart on the floor and I will choose people to play each of the planets in Kaypacha’s chart. As facilitator, I will bring out some of the main energetic dramas by having Kaypacha in the middle of his chart as it comes to life around him. This is not only fun for all—the actors, the audience, and Kaypacha—but also is a magical way to see astrology embodied. You’ll never look at a chart in the same old way once you’ve seen it dramatized in real time.