Patricia L. Walsh

Patricia is a certified Deep Memory Process (DMP) regression practitioner (since 2002) and Chief Trainer since 2003 for Dr. Roger Woolger’s Institute of Deep Memory Process®. She is also a graduate of the Jeffrey Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology (2004) and a certified Evolutionary Astrologer.

After several years of research and several thousand case studies she authored Understanding Karmic Complexes: Evolutionary Astrology and Regression Therapy (The Wessex Astrologer, 2009) which synthesizes two unique paradigms of soul healing to provide a comprehensive window into the working of the psychology of the soul. She is also a contributing author to Insights Into Evolutionary Astrology: A Diverse Collection of Essays by Prominent Astrologers (Llewellyn, 2010).

Combined with astrology, she specializes in multi-dimensional healing work based in Shamanic principles including Soul Retrieval/Fragmentation and Spirit Releasement (Ancestral and Earthbound Spirit work). Her focus is in healing present and past life trauma synthesizing both intuitive hands-on healing and therapeutic approaches.

Patricia will be presenting the following workshops at the Astrology Rising Conference:

Everything You Need To Node 

Since ancient times the lunar nodes have typically been used as indicators of past karma (South Node) and future potential (North Node). Evolutionary Astrology busted that ancient paradigm, by introducing specific interpretive methodologies that represent a radical departure from the typical astrological view. By taking into account, planets in aspect to the nodal axis as well as rulers of the nodes and throwing Pluto into the mix, Evolutionary Astrology pioneered a broader, more complex and deeper insight into the dynamics of the soul’s evolutionary journey through time. Patricia will walk you through some of the unique rules and illustrate their meaning with actual case studies from past life regressions, such as when a planet squares the nodal axis, rulers of the nodes, planets aspecting the nodal axis and more….

Journey to The North Node  

Journey to the North Node – Going Back to Empower the Future

“Journeys bring power and love back into you. If you can’t go somewhere, move in the passageways of the Self. They are like shafts of light, always changing, and you change when you explore them.” ― Rumi

Constantly pulled between the opposition of the South Node and North Node, we simultaneously, and often quite subconsciously reenact patterns from the past, while also striving to evolve beyond them.

While unhealed wounds from the past can hold us back on our life journey, there are also deep resources to be reclaimed, that, by bringing them to the light of consciousness, can catapult us beyond present life difficulties. In the deep reservoir of your soul’s memory, lie lives where you manifested great potentials, gifts and talents: these ‘resource lives’ contain the essence of your North Node!

Patricia will cover the psycho/spiritual dynamics of the natural opposition of the Nodal Karmic Axis, and the dynamics of the ‘Golden Shadow’ – where you project your potential onto others. She will demonstrate a simple regressive technique and you will work in pairs to explore some of the latent potential of your North Node inviting your psyche to openly ‘conspire with the universe’, on your path of evolution.