Christina Caudill is an evolutionary astrologer based in Amelia Island, FL. After over a decade managing a contemporary art gallery in Atlanta, GA, Christina Caudill found her calling as an astrologer, applying evolutionary astrology as a method of insight and profound healing. Based in Amelia Island, FL, she teaches online courses, writes for her astrology website and advises private clients on uncovering their unique path to fulfillment in alignment with their soul’s intention.

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach (IIN) and Life Coach (CTI), Christina takes a holistic approach to the wellbeing of her clients’ lives. She currently serves as Public Outreach Director for the Organization for Professional Astrology and is pursuing Evolutionary Astrology Certification with Mark Jones’ Pluto School.

She’s humbled to be lightbearer of keeping the legacy of astrology alive as it advances toward a new golden age.

Christina will be presenting the following workshops at the Astrology Rising Conference:

Chiron: Pilgrimage of the Soul

The Wounded Healer always finds a way to expose us to our most vulnerable areas, yet when we can experience this part of ourselves as the truth of who we are, our own sacredness is revealed. Chiron pierces through the false facade, activating a process of self-awareness, adaptation and transcendence. We’ll explore Chiron in charts that express the inner alchemy made manifest. There will be time for sharing our own Chiron experiences and reflect on the many dimensions of the pilgrimage of the Soul over the rainbow bridge.

The Quest for Ultimate Truth: the Nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius

The transiting Lunar Nodes are some of the most fascinating symbols to enlighten us to the evolutionary potential of the collective. After 18 months of karmic lessons in the Cancer/Capricorn axis of responsibility, authority and feminine evolution, the ingress of the Nodes into the mutable Gemini/Sagittarius suggesting a move toward the realm of opening the mind, inspired exploration, natural law and engaging with new paradigms. In this presentation, we’ll explore some recurring themes from historical transits and public figures to get a glimpse of what this new era has in store.

Scorpio Full Moon Ceremony: Ancestral Blessing

These are unprecedented times… yet we are not alone. The community of ancestors has been here before and are bearing witness to our collective metamorphosis and Phoenix ascension. Let’s bring them into our awareness and invite them to sit at our table. Christina Caudill will lead a group teaching and meditation to connect with the wisdom of our wisest and most loving ancestors. Prior to the ceremony, you’ll be provided with suggestions for creating sacred space and an ancestral altar in preparation for the ceremony. Please dress in Scorpio colors – deep red or black.

The Evolution of Capitalism and Beyond

Is Capitalism dead? Experts have claimed its in its late stages while concepts such as Conscious Capitalism inspire images of public-private harmony and Bitcoin opened to door to a decentralized currency. As collective values transform so must systems of economics and survival. The Great Mutation of Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius heralds a seismic shift from materialism to the realm of ideology, suggesting priorities will continue to evolve quickly beyond the known world. We’ll explore the impacts on economies of the future.