Ari Moshe Wolfe is a musician, astrologer and intuitive guide. With honesty and compassion, he assists others in seeing their own lives clearly and aligning more consciously with their soul’s evolutionary directive. He is trained in the paradigm of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green and has written a beginner’s guide to Evolutionary Astrology. To learn more about Ari Moshe and his work and music, visit:

Ari will be presenting the following workshops at the Astrology Rising 2020 Conference:

Sing Your Natal Chart!

Every moment is a divine expression of perfect alignment. Like a brilliant and complex composition, the song of life reflects every possible nuance of emotion and mood ever known and unknown. Your own natal chart is a song of the cosmos. Moment to moment, we all live our chart as a vibrant living song with infinite harmonies. In this experiential class we will sing our own charts! As a group we will channel melodies and write the poetry of a few volunteers and their natal charts as well as open the doors for each of us to compose our very own personal song. Ari Moshe will facilitate this musical journey, offering live astrological interpretation and teaching as we go along.

So you want to be a human? Intimacy and Sexuality in the Time of this Great Healing

Overlaid on every chart is the cultural climate of the time. For all of us souls born at this time, we have inherited thousands of years of confusion and pain in regards to the nature of human intimacy and sexual energy. As we awaken to a more full understanding of self and world, we are inevitably drawn to examine and face some of our most tightly held beliefs, fears and traumas regarding sexuality and intimate relationship. In this talk Ari Moshe will unravel these themes in the natal chart focusing predominately on the Saturn Moon relationship in our natal charts as well as the current transit of Saturn. Come with an open heart and an open chart, ready to examine some of the most intimate and vulnerable places within the collective and personal psyche.

Tracking Your Progressed Lunar Cycle 

We are all on some level aware of the monthly lunar cycle. If not directly feeling the inner and outer tides, we can for certain see this cycle in the monthly sky. Likewise, we all have our own lunar cycle that spans 30 years! This cycle corresponds to the soul’s phases of emotional and creative development throughout its human incarnation. Filled with stories, life wisdom an practice guidance, in this hour Ari Moshe will illuminate the nature of our personal lunar cycle and how we can use this knowledge to live more consciously in our day to a day lives.