11099173_10153777569894867_2088058714104338747_nGroup Presentations: As is depicted in the name of this convention “Astrology Rising, Co-Creating the Future,”  this event will function as just that: a time/place where people convene to co-create the future!  This isn’t just another astrology convention where people sit around and listen to lectures.  As we are moving into the Age of Aquarius and the North node is going into Leo, I would like to use our time together to facilitate everyone getting in touch with our individual creative ability and really bring in a new paradigm!

This week-long event will be an active, participatory event. We will break into groups at the beginning of the week, based on preferences, passions and interests given at the time of registration. All week, we will work in groups to create presentations that we have on Friday.  We will have a Facebook group page for all participants to get to know each other and possibly collaborate before even coming. You can discuss bringing costumes/props etc. or at least begin thinking/talking about your presentations far in advance. During registration you’ll be asked your profession, your passion, something you’ve always wanted to try, and what you would like to contribute to the group. We’ll use this information to put similar people together for group presentations.

We could have groups with a presentation on chemtrails, permaculture, performing arts, NVC, community building, drama, dance, nutrition, environment… who knows?  Some people may meet each other and actually birth a community or company or initiative as a result of this event!  Let’s make it real!  We encourage you to get original, get expressive, and get in touch with your Lion/ess energy.