Timothy Halloran is an astrologer based in Savannah Georgia who puts out bi-weekly astrology forecasts on Youtube. Seeing astrology as a reflection of the Whole of Nature Timothy encourages his listeners to embrace the fullest uncensored journey through life, confronting all fears with the open arms of understanding there is good reason for everything despite appearances and that healing our wounds, evolution and the spiritual journey are synonomous with life itself and not a detour. Check out Tim’s writing & forecasts at his website: http://www.RasaLilaHealing.com

Timothy will be presenting the following workshops at the Astrology Rising Conference:

The Leo Virgo Cusp

Leo and Virgo in many respects seems like they are completely different and could never exist together, yet we see them side by side on the zodiac wheel! As the Moon’s North node will be exactly on this cusp at the time of the event, join in investigating the fascinating relationship and strange attraction between these two archetypes and how the dance between the supernaturally grandiose and the intricately focused mundane can shape us into our greatest purpose and role.

Chiron: Healing Through Bridging & Weaving

The spiritual journey contrary to popular belief is not necessarily a simple one-way ticket forward, there and done. Chiron as a principal of healing reveals a process far more wholesome, involving a looping or a coming full-circle. As we look into our greatest woundedness we will uncover our capability to empathize and truly understand the suffering of others. We will discuss how Chiron in the chart can reveal both what hinders us and what gives us a unique capability to help others along their healing journey. The curse, and the blessing in disguise.

Lucifer: The Light-Bearer

In this thought-provoking presentation we will be investigating the various facets of the Lucifer archetype and his correlation to human experience and astrology represented in the infamous “light bearer” asteroid. The potency of our free-will and the fury and shame that can come along with owning the responsibilities of our choices, our self-entitlements and feelings of condemnation are just some of the areas we will be discussing contained within this dense and challenging subject-matter.