Sol W. Jonassen is an evolutionary astrologer from Maurice Fernandez’ school of Evolutionary Astrology and has practiced astrology professionally since 1999. She teaches, lectures, writes and organizes the Norwegian astrology conference, Polaris and is a board member of the Norwegian Astrology Association. She is also trained in psychotherapeutics and the healing arts, feeling that the essence of astrology is to teach people to see the inner dynamics of life and thus facilitate healing.

Sol will be presenting the following workshops at the Astrology Rising Conference:

KeyNote: Ceres and Pluto: The Myth of Sustenance and Destruction: The Entropy of the Garden of Eden. 

Security is needed in our lives, but too much focus on security can destroy our planet as we harbour resources for survival. What kind of security is it we really are seeking and how can we live happily and safe on a planet that is sailing through an unknown space and where death is inevitable. Ceres, the Great Mother, might give us a little clue into this deep, existential matter.

Beginners Track: The Circle of Life  A travel through the Solar Year and the Hero’s or Heroine’s journey through life.

An efficient look on the Circle as one whole: Every sign connects into each other as the circle of life is a process of unfoldment and not separate bits. Through this lecture you will learn a powerful and effective way of looking at the zodiac.


Experiential: One-Body-Experience: The right kind of trust is essential for our well-being. The open heart is trust, but when the heart is closed, people separate and act in fear. The chance for hurting others is then possible, as we stop considering others and act in our own separate bubble. Truth leaves us. As Neptune is in Pisces we will increasingly feel the energy of each other and of the world. Learning to trust what we feel and our intuitions will release a great deal of fear. In this experiential we will explore ”I” and ”us” as we come together as one energy body.