The Mona Valenas of today is a rich and prosperous person. Her secret is down to a profound commitment and responsibility towards herself and the life she leads, thus enabling her to create in the lives of those around her, as well as her very own, a level of excellence and extraordinary comfort. Mona has the ability to empower others in every instance to believe in themselves and in the endless creative possibilities of the mind and intelligence. She awakens in humans a thirst for knowledge, encouraging us day by day to delve even further in our own spiritual and personal quest. Mona is a highly innovative person, eager to find more creative possibilities in the workplace, and has managed to link the concept of “work” with “freedom”, and by this motivating others to find their own special gift and maximize performance. It is a long-term proposal, in which the results are not always seen immediately, but Mona has the absolute certainty that they always appear in the end. One of the keys to her success is that she knows how to work closely with others. Mona Valenas is a very popular person, whose great inner-strength stands out, as well as her generosity and enormous amounts of energy and vitality, allowing her to take with ease and grace all of her commitments and bring them to fruition. It is a pleasure to spend time with her and we can certainly learn much in her presence, and above all, enjoy her kind and exquisitely loving personality.

Mona will be presenting the following workshops at the Astrology Rising Conference:


 (1h30 presentation)

Human birth is potentially the most traumatic event we can experience in this lifetime as well as Dr. Grof´s serious and deep investigation work in amplified states of consciousness found out.

Human birth can be divided in four different states or episodes and each one is related and connected to a specific Planetary Archetype. We start our journey with Neptune, symbolizing pre-natal and intrauterine state, followed by Saturn, Pluto and Uranus and their specific states of consciousness. In this presentation I will guide you through all these states in order to achieve clarity and a higher perspective about our first and most important journey dwelling into Life.

CEREMONY OF REBIRTH (shamanic ceremony)

In this powerful shamanic ceremony I will guide you through the four perinatal Matrix using shamanic and trance music to achieve an amplified state of consciousness. We will re-experience our physical birth, understanding, healing and solving traumas and reconnecting with pure Joy of Living.

Planetary Constellation Ceremony 

Planetary Constellation is a terrific tool which reveals the very energetic dynamics of the moment we want to investigate. It does so by manifesting them through an interactive psycho drama whereby participants are called to represent in a “theatrical fashion” the object of our investigation. People who were familiar with the “Systemic Constellations” from Dr. Bert Hellinger would already know how this works, however, Planetary Constellations can bring to light dynamics of a greater magnitude, planetary and global cycles that affects the planet Earth and the whole humankind. The objective of Planetary Constellations is multiple: on one hand we seek to see, understand and articulate among everyone the celestial dynamic, and on the other hand we aim to harmonize, to balance and integrate the energies whose qualities have been manifested. The subject of investigation for this Planetary Constellation Ceremony will be “EXPLORING THE BIG COLLECTIVE CYCLES OF 2017”. Ceremony attendees will have the honor to literally “INCARNATE” the energy of the planets and make it visible.

Concert: OPEN UP, HEART OF THE  OCEAN! “To your abode of turquoise topaz, I’ll go…” Dive into the enchanted world of mermaids, follow them to the bottom of the sea,  to the bottom of your soul!! SIRENAS, from KARADENIZ, is music for the Sea and for the Soul. A powerful bond with the Seas of Canary Islands and the Soul of the World