Marci Winters is a professional astrologer with decades of experience. Thousands of clients from all over the globe have been counseled through Marci’s nurturing, detailed approach. Marci’s guidance is practical and precise; her supportive and intuitive methods can help those in need of finding direction in life. Whether it be a professional or personal inquiry regarding expanding your business or even planning a move, Marci can determine the areas around the globe most suited for you through Astrocartography (location astrology). All inquiries are welcome.

Marci will be presenting the following workshops at the Astrology Rising Conference:


Restore and Activate!

Each Astrological sign corresponds to a different part of the body.
Examples: Aries: Head, Taurus: Throat, Gemini: Hands, Leo: Heart. Additionally, our astrological sign aligns with elements, Fire, Air, Earth and Water, which relate to our astrological composition/constitution. An example: Aquarius is an Air sign (some think it is water, probably because of the word “Aqua”- though Aquarius is the “water bearer.”) – it rules circulation.
Air connects us to our breath (“prana” in Sanskrit). Mother Earth and her planetary energies allow us to ground and center. Example: Tree Posture. Joyful flowing postures (asanas) combined with calming meditations to balance each sign.


Not only is your Astrological Chart a blueprint for your life, it is a hologram of
sacred symbology, of wisdom to be uncovered. Your chart represents your “personology. “
Understanding the symbols and the language of astrology may seem overwhelming.
Explore how you can approach interpreting your Natal chart holistically.
What are transits and how do transits effect your Natal chart?
Learn more about about planetary influences, the house system used to interpret the chart and how it all relates