Ari Moshe Wolfe is an astrologer, teacher and musician. Rooted in the modality of Evolutionary Astrology and expanded through his own life experience and heart-centered approach to life, Ari Moshe’s teaching style and practice of astrology combines strong intuition, deep compassion and professional expertise. Ari Moshe has written the forward to the republished classic “Pluto the Evolutionary Journey of the Soul” by Jeffrey Wolf Green as well as his own beginners guide to Evolutionary Astrology available on his website. To learn more about Ari Moshe and his work and music, visit:

Ari will be presenting the following workshops at the Astrology Rising Conference:

Neptune and The Healing Power of Forgiveness: An Experiential Class

Forgiveness is the act of letting go of our judgments, convictions and beliefs about any expression of reality and choosing instead to let Truth prevail, regardless of our current understanding. Through forgiveness we grant ourselves and one another the profound permission to live fully now, for life to be whole and perfect just as it is. Neptune and Pisces correspond to forgiveness as this archetype also corresponds to the Source within and of all. In this experiential workshop we will open our mind, our hearts and our charts to deeply examine Neptune and the power of forgiveness in our own lives.

Saturn: Deconstructing Who You Thought You Should Be

Most of our thoughts and actions in life stem from our conditioned patterning. Often these patterns are not necessarily useful and healthy, but are the habits we have developed over the course of many lives. Saturn corresponds to the total structural reality of our lives: from the structure of our bodies to our thought patterns to the various roles we play in life. To build a conscious life that supports and sustains our well being and deepest spiritual aspirations means first that we become aware of the deeply entrenched conditioning patterns that often dominate most of our waking life experience. In this insightful talk Ari Moshe will offer a thorough exploration of Saturn and the process of deconditioning. We will explore as well the Saturn topics of shame, sexuality, judgment, authority and spiritual awakening.

Tales From Jupiter:

In this fun and inspiring talk Ari Moshe will take us on a journey of insight and wisdom as he shares stories and teachings about the profound inner and outer growth that astrological Jupiter can reflect in our lives. Some of the topics Ari Moshe will address: letting go to receive, connecting with the intuition, self-honesty, direct knowledge and nature.

Sacred Concert with Ari Moshe

Ari Moshe’s music is nourishment for the soul and reminds us of our true Home within. His songs are a combination of poetry, dream messages, and prayers from the sacred traditions. During the retreat Ari Moshe will share a sacred concert! This concert will be a space of prayer and healing and all are be invited to join in singing. To hear some of Ari Moshe’s music, visit